• Orc & Goblin Tribes - Night Goblin Mob - The Old World

Orc & Goblin Tribes - Night Goblin Mob - The Old World

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The Night Goblins are descended from Goblin tribes who long ago ventured into the deep caves and caverns beneath the World's Edge Mountains. Cruel, cowardly, and cunning, these tribes wage war against subterranean Dwarf holds and hated surface-dwellers alike, emerging at night and covering themselves in long, hooded cloaks to ward off the loathsome sunlight.

This multipart plastic kit builds 40 Night Goblins, mean-spirited mobs that gather in the Orc & Goblin Tribes. Each Night Goblin can be armed with either a thrusting spear and a crude shield, or a shortbow and quiver of arrows. This kit also provides all the command upgrades you'll need, whether you field your Night Goblins in small groups or one massive mob – you can build musicians, champions, and standard bearers with a choice of banners.

The kit offers a variety of accessories, including mushrooms and stray snotlings, plus different leg poses, robed torsos, hooded heads, quivers, and weapon arms, all of which are interchangeable – so you can give your cave-dwelling horde a varied look, no matter how large it grows.

This kit contains 484 plastic components and 40x Citadel 25mm Square Bases. Also included is a Warhammer: The Old World Goblin transfer sheet, with 84 transfers to decorate your army. These miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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