Coding Lab: Ginobot - Engino

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Coding Lab: Ginobot

Engino's robust release of programmable robotics. Connect it and drive it anywhere, or dive into divergent projects with your classroom. Get to coding or building on it and discover its expandability!

GinoBot is a highly programmable robot ready to be used straight from the box. Developed by a combination of engineers and academics, GinoBot is a neat tool for teaching STEM disciplines, computational thinking and digital literacy in fun and hands-on experience. The education system world-wide is evolving to incorporate robotics in the classroom so that students understand the fundamentals of this new technology while developing the necessary building and programming skills associated with it. At the same time, children are eager to experiment with robots and integrate traditional play and fun with the electronics world.

GinoBot is essentially the robot which helps you explore multidivergent projects in a broad range of levels. It has literally unlimited expansion potential since it allows the attachment of add-on 3rd party electronics and hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and micro:bit. Besides its internal sensors and its expandability with 3rd party electronics, the body of Ginobot is also compatible with the Engino building system to construct larger and more sophisticated robots.

 For ages 8-16+


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